About Apostle Komla Emmanuel Hagan

Apostle Komla Ebenezer Hagan is a retired minister of the Great Commission Christian Church. He has a strong passion for helping people identify what can make life meaningful to them. In outlook, he stands for practical Christian living and is ardent in upholding Christian family values.

Apostle Hagan Preaching at a GCCC Event

Understanding the need to build foundations before structuring the edifice for anything in life, Apostle Hagan has pursued the path of tracing the source of issues and how they can be turned around for good. 

He has lectured at the College of Counselling and Psychology, and has been the Facilitator on Sunny FM’s Counselling Hour. He currently works with the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation as a Counsellor and ADCR practitioner

Apostle Hagan holds a Masters degree in Sociology, an Advanced Certificate in Alternative Dispute and Conflict Resolution and a Diploma in Christian Counselling. Currently, he is pursuing a doctorate in Christian Counselling from American Bible University.  

He is married to one wife and has adult children in marriage for four decades and counting.